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ChatU is one of the team's AIGC solution products, integrating the advantages of multiple engines and multimodality, ensuring safety, reliability, and legal compliance. Accumulated in multiple key industries

Considerable loyal users. In order to empower enterprises with AI, we are constantly updating and iterating.

Core team

The core members come from top tier companies in the industry, with profound industry experience and business insights, working together to benefit the enterprise with AI assistant capabilities

vision Becoming a globally leading AIGC enterprise level product and creating a multi engine AIGC operating system Through one click access, AI multi engine driven, fast implementation of multi industry and multi scenario AI applications Step by step open source plan: covering front-end, mid stage, and back-end, providing developers with a wider range of excellent tools and resources Full mode AI products: including text, images, audio (voice&music), video (high realism, 2D&3D, animation, real-time)